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60KVA Litanda 3 Phase Voltage Regulator Used For Solar Grid Connector

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  • Genuine products made at Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company.
  • Commit 100% wire copper, enough capacity.
  • Warranty 04 years.
  • The machine runs at night, stable , saving electricity.
  • Free ship.
  • Price does not include VAT.
  • Hotline : 0986.203.203.
  • Call now for the best price.
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    60KVA Litanda 3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer Used For Solar Grid Connector.   

    Nowadays, solar resistors are popular in the Central Highlands and Southern provinces. Therefore, the demand for solar energy is very large. When using solar energy.

    You can just use free electricity for your home and factory. And if you have a surplus, you can send it back to the national grid. In other words, you can sell electricity back to electricity. Very nice and convenient, isn’t it?

    The disadvantage of solar power is that the initial investment cost is quite large. And you have to balance the life of the system with the initial investment.

    The second disadvantage of solar power. It’s an inverter grid that only works in the 190 to 270v voltage range. If it is higher or lower then the grid tie will not work.

    Almost in two cases grid power is weak or high and solar power is weak or high. Outside the operating range of the Inverter, when the inverter stops working. You can both not use electricity and not be able to sell electricity back to electricity.

    So what’s the solution? Please use 60kva 3 phase Litanda Voltage Stabilizer for both of these cases. Litanda 60kva voltage stabilizer has been used by many customers and highly appreciated for its quality and price.

    Product videos:

    Advantages Of Litanda 60KVA Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase 160V Range:

    • Operating on the principle of 3-phase independent regulation, it is suitable for all harsh power grids (uneven phase voltages) to help keep the “stable” current.
    • 3-in-1 safety protection: Overload, short-circuit, and short-circuit protection by Aptomat.
    • Produced by 100% wire pure copper conductgood electricity, loss electricity less. Not oxidized like aluminum wire, so it has a long life.

    • Unlike other types of voltage stabilizers, Litanda voltage stabilizer uses two carbon brushes, so the machine runs smoothly, quickly compensates, and has enough capacity.

    • Auto Reset – automatically returns the brush to a safe position in the event of a power failure, so there is no fear of electric shock.
    • Automatic control by high-tech digital microchip for wide input operation range with high output voltage stability and fast voltage response speed.
    • Litanda 60KVA 3-phase voltage stabilizer has the ability to pull strong electricity. The machine runs smoothly, durable, very few errors.
    • Industrial Designs. With wheels, easy to move.
    • The front of the machine is stamped with SMS to authenticate genuine goods.

    Specifications of Voltage Regulator Litanda 60KVA 3 Phase 160V Range.

    Production company Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company
    Capacity (KVA) 60KVA
    Insurance 4 years
    Specifications of LITANDA three-phase 60KVA . voltage stabilizer
    Input voltage 160V ~ 430V
    Output voltage 380V/3 pha – 220V/3 pha – 200v/3 pha
    Frequency 49 ~ 62Hz
    Response time to 10% input voltage change 500VA – 60.000 VA
    0,3s ÷ 1,5s
    Environment temperature -5°C ~ +40°C
    Control principle 1-way servo motor
    Designs Design (size, weight) subject to change without notice
    Insulation Greater than 3MΩ at 500V 1 DC voltage
    Electrical endurance Test at 2000V for 1 minute

    Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a reputable and quality supplier of 3-phase voltage stabilizers and industrial transformers. Currently, we are a reliable partner of foreign companies and enterprises in Quang Minh, North Thang Long, Noi Bai, Khai Quang, Dai An, Que Vo, Yen Phong industrial parks… Genuine quality products highly appreciated by the units and responded very well.

    Reasons To Choose Products From Vietnam:

    ⭐️100% copper wire. ✅ The product is manufactured with 100% copper wire, has high durability, runs smoothly, and saves electricity.
    ⭐️Genuine commitment. ✅ 100% genuine, brand new, in original condition. Do not sell fake, imitation goods, poor quality goods.
    ⭐️Careful warranty. ✅ 4 year warranty, renewal in the first 1 year.
    ⭐️Installation support. ✅ Support installation with large capacity machines☞.
    ⭐️Nationwide shipping. ✅ Free shipping nationwide, pick up first, pay later.
    ⭐️Production on demand. ✅ Produce other machine lines with specifications as required.

    For advice, support and order, please contact the address below:

    Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

    No. 629 Phuc Dien – Nam Tu Liem – Hanoi.

    Hotline: 0986.203.203



    Video of voltage stabilizer Lithuania exported to foreign countries:

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    60KVA Litanda 3 Phase Voltage Regulator Used For Solar Grid Connector

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      60KVA Litanda 3 Phase Voltage Regulator Used For Solar Grid Connector

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